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An identity made for love

“O Lord, who are You? O Lord, who am I?”

This simple, profound prayer seems tailor-made for young people at the beginning of the twenty-first century. We’re caught up like never before in a quest to define ourselves, to understand …

All We Need Is Love?

I have been ruminating about Courage and Encourage for the last month or so. This morning, I woke up singing the Beatles’ anthem to myself and wondering how much truth there is in it.

My initial response as I woke …

Original Personhood: Identity & Theology of the Body

This week I changed login information for one of my many online applications. In one section, I could select a new update.  

Male. Female. I prefer not to say.  

How do you identify? “Identity politics” has gotten a lot of play across the red-blue …

On behalf of the Courage, EnCourage, and Truth and Love community, may you all have a happy and blessed Christmas!