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Courage International launches new site

Courage International recently launched a newly-revamped website, an important step in bringing its message of hope for persons who experience same-sex attractions to a wider audience 

While TruthAndLove.com – an initiative of Courage – aims to form priests, pastoral ministers, educators, etc. in understanding the various complexities associated with this ministry, the new Courage site is designed specifically …

Bodily love: A personal affair 

Human Love in the Divine Plan
This is the first of a series of posts outlining Pope St. John Paul II’s thought on the human person and love, human embodiment and sexuality, as found detailed first in Love and Responsibility, …

The desert has the biggest sky

Zion, Mojave, Red Rock. I’ve been to these deserts, walked their canyons, seen their contours. I’ve stood at the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and driven the long, lonely interstate through Utah. And it was beautiful.

The experience of same-sex attraction …

An identity made for love

“O Lord, who are You? O Lord, who am I?”

This simple, profound prayer seems tailor-made for young people at the beginning of the twenty-first century. We’re caught up like never before in a quest to define ourselves, to understand …

All We Need Is Love?

I have been ruminating about Courage and Encourage for the last month or so. This morning, I woke up singing the Beatles’ anthem to myself and wondering how much truth there is in it.

My initial response as I woke …

Original Personhood: Identity & Theology of the Body

This week I changed login information for one of my many online applications. In one section, I could select a new update.  

Male. Female. I prefer not to say.  

How do you identify? “Identity politics” has gotten a lot of play across the red-blue …