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Why I Am Not Celebrating Pride This Year

Every June, l am surrounded by rainbow flags. They appear uninvited in my email inbox, on the walls at my workplace, and whenever I’m streaming online television and film. June has made the celebration of homosexuality ubiquitous, and this year my employer even provided rainbow face masks to celebrate. Although in the past I would have been grateful for this “recognition.” Since my conversion, I no longer celebrate homosexuality as the truth of who I am.


Although homosexuality comes naturally to me, I rely on St. Thomas Aquinas who notes that even if something is “natural” to an individual, if it goes against the general natural order, it cannot be a good (St. Thomas Aquinas, supra note 8, Prima Secundae, quest, 31, art. 7, at 726). Despite living in the age of feelings, not in the age of reason, I cannot deny that God created order for a purpose. No …

Who is Theophilus

The evangelist Luke begins his Gospel with a reference to a person named Theophilus, “I too have decided, after investigating everything accurately anew, to write it down in an orderly sequence for you, most excellent Theophilus. …” (Lk 1:3-4). A few weeks ago on the feast of the Ascension, we hear this name again as our reading was taken from the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles, “In the first book, Theophilus, I dealt with all that Jesus did and taught until the day he was taken up” (Acts 1:1-2). So who is this Theophilus and what being does he have on the Truth & Love blog?


St. Jerome in his On Illustrious Men (De Viris Illustribus), tells us that Luke was a non-Jewish physician from Antioch (Col 4:10-14) and a companion to St. Paul (Acts 9, 11, 13-28). Elsewhere we learn that he also served as a scribe …

Theophilus Responds

As a man living with SSA in a big metropolitan center, I often encounter other men who embrace their SSA freely. It appears that for them there is no tension between their reason and their sexual desire. They gladly embrace their love of men’s bodies, and don’t appear to have any qualms about celebrating homosexual love and “marriage”.  I was recently having a drink with one such person at a work function, and it struck me that I still struggle to find common ground with such men. If I am to find common ground in our life experiences, it is often in the realm of my prior sins, in what my life used to be like before I came back to the Church.  And to be quite honest, I’d rather not go there.


Our last post spoke to those of us who have friends and family in the lifestyle. As …