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Though we may become consumed with any of the pleasure, even those that are virtuous, we must always remember our supernatural end.

Composing My Nature

By Theophilus – a member who wishes to remain anonymous.

com·pos·ite /kəmˈpäzət/  adjective – made up of various parts or elements.

Before my return to the Catholic Church, I had a very different relationship with my body. I used to see my body as a tool to get what I wanted. It was a vehicle to bring me happiness through the satisfaction of my desires. I was the “I” in my mind who lived in my body, not my body itself. Although I was catechized enough to know that my soul was eternal, I thought that my body was just a temporary dwelling to help me get through the material world. I was exposed to New Age (or old gnostic) beliefs in my late adolescence, and through them, I came to believe that my eternal soul would one day be liberated from my earthly shell. As you can imagine, I didn’t …

The Immaterial and Material Nature of Man

Today we will begin to break down our definition into smaller pieces and hopefully, we will have time to break those pieces down even further. I know most people do not relish the thought of reading technical or academic language, and so I will try to limit its use. However, there are certain fundamental principles or assumptions about who we are that ought to inform our encounter of the question, “If I feel this way, does that not mean I am made this way?” or “Am I my feelings?” So let’s dive in. 


Composite Nature


“It belongs to the very essence of the soul, to be united to the body… The human soul remaining in its own existence after separation from the body has a natural aptitude and natural tendency to union with the body.” I-I. Q.76 a.1

Thomas is saying that the characteristic of our soul that makes it different from …

A Chat about Identity with Catholic Late Night

You may have noticed that we missed our post last week. I am sorry that we missed you. As an alternative to the post, I offer you a conversation with Catholic Late Night about Identity and Our Desire for Love.  Catholic Late Night is a podcast ordered to aid young men and women understand their sexuality and the purpose of their life through the lens of the Catholic Faith. Please visit us again on Tuesday for our newest post.