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Truth & Love in the media


The other day someone asked me, “How do I even begin to address the LGBTQ+ topic in my RCIA class? There are people who are struggling with this topic and what they think the Church teaches, and I’m not sure where to start, aside from reading what the catechism says. Any ideas?”

I was very happy to receive this question. It seems like the conversation keeps rapidly transforming, so it is very hard for people to keep up. Plus, there are laws which have been recently passed that have made people hesitant to address this topic because no one wants to say the wrong thing. I understand, people don’t want to say something hurtful, or something that will be perceived as being hurtful, and people also want to uphold their Catholic faith. Suffice it to say, it is a learning curve for many people, and I hope more people choose …

Theosis: Our Sojourn to the True Self

My thumb rolls over the chotki, knot after knot, I breathe in deeply and think with all my soul; “Lord Jesus Christ only son of God…” I pause, “have mercy on me a sinner…” I exhale. As I do so I picture myself in a void of effervescent light, immersed in a shower of mercy ever encircled by the supreme love of God. In this place, in the depth of my soul, no disordered passions affect me. The singing of Trisagions and Eastern bells on Spotify fills my heart as I continue filing over knot after knot into the interior bliss of meditation facing my icon wall. In this place I am not addicted, I am not broken, I am not gay…I am whole.

Theosis — literally “making divine” — is the term used by Eastern Catholicism and Orthodoxy for the transformative process whose aim is likeness to or union …

No, I DON’T “Call” LGBTQ+ People to Abstinence or Celibacy

If you would like to read the first part, you may find it here.


Part II


Celibacy, Abstinence, and Chastity

While celibacy, abstinence, and chastity are often lumped together, they are quite distinct, and these distinctions need to be made known if we hope to engage in any meaningful conversation related to sexuality. In short, celibacy relates to the state of being unmarried, abstinence relates to behavior, while chastity is related to the desire in a person’s heart to strive to uphold what God has authored in the realm of sexuality. These are so different that it is true to say that a person can be celibate but not chaste or chaste but not celibate, that a person can be abstinent but not chaste or chaste but not abstinent, and that a person can be celibate but not abstinent or abstinent but not celibate. Given the mass confusion over these words, and the false equation of abstinence/celibacy with chastity, it is obvious that …