Featured video: Does God Make a Person Gay?

Featured video: Does God Make a Person Gay?

Does God create a person with a homosexual inclination? What would be the logical implications if some persons were created gay, while others not?

Watch as Courage International’s executive director, Father Philip Bochanski, discusses why this idea is incompatible with Catholic theology, the Church’s understanding of the human person, and God’s plan for sexuality.

This video is an excerpt from a 2016 talk to clergy. The full talk can be viewed here.

Fr. Philip Bochanski, a priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, assumed the role of executive director of Courage International in January, 2017, following his tenure as associate director of the apostolate. Previously, Fr. Bochanski has served as chaplain of Philadelphia’s Courage chapter. 

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  1. While I appreciate this video I want to express my frustration with the current state of affairs in our Church in relation to this issue. Specifically my frustration with Pope Francis and with some of the clergy.
    When Pope Francis made the comment “who am I to judge” on the airplane back in 2013 the world took what he said to mean that the homosexual lifestyle, and homosexual acts, were acceptable. In his book that came out a few years later he clarified his statement. A few years later!
    Recently he was said to have told a victim of sexual abuse that God made him gay. Once again, no clarification from our Holy Father. The response from the Vatican being that he doesn’t comment on what is said in private conversations.
    As a member of Courage I find this to be disheartening.
    Since being installed as the leader of our Church Pope Francis has said nothing publicly about Courage. Even as same sex marriage laws were passed he never mentioned this apostolate that serves us who experience same sex attraction. The apostoalte of the Church, that he leads, that teaches us to live the teachings of holy mother Church.
    This is disturbing enough to me on it’s own but in conjunction with the statements he’s made that were not clear, at the very least, if not misleading I feel an unease with him as our earthly leader of Christ’s Church.
    The other part of this that causes me concern is the lack of clarification coming from some of our priests. They are in the trenches. They hear how the Popes comments are being misconstrued and, in many instances, they say nothing. And if the do say something their statements are often as unclear as the Pope’s comments.
    We, in Courage and Encourage, need clarity. We need to know that we are being supported by those in spiritual authority over us. Their words and actions matter.

  2. Have faith, Garrett.
    Pope Francis’ pontificate is complex. It gets time to know his background – & it’s also a pontificate which directly demands everyone’s involvement more than the previous ones.

    And maybe Courage in some way is better working “behind the scenes” (as well as “on the roofs”), with all the chaos surrounding these issues.

    Greetings from a new, graced, italian friend of Daniel Mattson. 😉

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