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Phoenix: 2017

Transgender Surgery and Christian Anthropology

Author: Dcn. Patrick Lappert, M.D.

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Discerning One’s Vocation Amid the Experience of Same-Sex Attractions

Author: Fr. Philip Bochanski

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Washed, Justified, Sanctified: Good News and Same-Sex Attractions

Author: Archbishop Michael J. Byrnes

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Why Language or Terminology Matters

Author: Dr. Janet Smith

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Forging True Friendships

Author: Dr. John Cuddeback

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Changing the Conversation: How Recent Secular Research on SSA Persons Supports Catholic Teaching

Author: Fr. Paul Sullins

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Charity and Clarity

Author: Dr. Michael Horne

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Magisterial Teaching and Practical Experience: A Priest’s Reflection on Courage’s Generation of Pastoral Care

Author: Fr. Paul Check

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Same-Sex Attractions, Gender, and the Theology of the Body

Author: Jason Evert

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Surviving the Sexual Revolution in Good Conscience

Author: L. Martin Nussbaum, Esq.

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Providing Patient-Centered HIV and AIDS Care in the Era of Effective Treatment

Author: Dcn. Timothy Flanigan, M.D.

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Understanding the Sexual Revolution

Author: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

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