Church Teaching

Love’s Psychological Profile

This is the second of a series of articles outlining Pope St. John Paul II’s thought on human embodiment and sexuality. You may find the preceding article here.

As a consequence of the nature of the human person as an …

The power of witness

In my undergraduate ministry classes, we heard a common theme. The line was repeated over and over again in every class from all our professors. I even heard a rumor that someone had embroidered it onto a pillow as …

Bodily love: A personal affair 

Human Love in the Divine Plan
This is the first of a series of posts outlining Pope St. John Paul II’s thought on the human person and love, human embodiment and sexuality, as found detailed first in Love and Responsibility, …

Original Personhood: Identity & Theology of the Body

This week I changed login information for one of my many online applications. In one section, I could select a new update.  

Male. Female. I prefer not to say.  

How do you identify? “Identity politics” has gotten a lot of play across the red-blue …