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Suggested Aids for Emotional Healing and Spiritual Growth

Author: Sutton, Dr. Philip M.

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Comments on “Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care”

Author: Harvey OSFS, Fr. John

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What’s a Spouse, Parent, Family Member, Friend or Pastor to Do?

Author: Sutton, Dr. Philip M.

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Terminology Guidelines for Catholic Schools

When the Church speaks of “sexual identity” and says that “everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity” (CCC 2333), she is referring to our objective identity as male and female children of God designed for complementary union with one other and for communion with others; she is not referring here to the subjective experience of same-sex attractions.

Author: Courage Apostolate

February 13 2014

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The Enright Process Model of Psychological forgiveness by Dr. Phil Sutton

Although Enright is a devout Christian, this model is essentially psychological - and philosophical - rather than religious or spiritual. The Enright model recognizes the religious mandate that to flourish spiritually, persons need to give - or request and receive - forgiveness when appropriate. In the service of this need, the model encourages those trying to forgive or be forgiven to use whatever spiritual and religious inspiration and resources are personally meaningful. But the model offers guidance for how anyone- whether their primary motivation is religious, moral or psychological - may cooperate with the fundamental, universally human, psychological process of forgiveness.

Author: Philip M. Sutton, Ph.D

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The Good Samaritan: Jesus Explains the Incarnation

Fr. Check's homily delivered at the 2013 White Mass in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Author: Fr. Paul N. Check


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The Health Risks of Gay Sex

Encouraging people to engage in risky sexual behavior undermines good health and can result in a shortened life span.

Author: Diggs M.D., John R., Jr.

January 1 2002

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The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive Counseling Resource

While it has gained the support and interest of many, the book is primarily intended for mental health professionals and educators. However, the book is reader-friendly and can also serve as an indispensable guide for clergy, lay counselors, mentors, friends and especially family members of women with same-sex attraction. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, this book is dedicated to and for the women who are looking for greater understanding into their lives. The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction has gained international recognition and is being translated around the world.

Author: Dr. Janelle Hallman

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The Victory App

The fight for freedom from pornography is a battle you can win. But, every battle needs a plan.

Author: website link

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We Are More! A Joyful Catholic Response to Gay Pride

As Christians, we are invited to define ourselves in a way that reflects more than one facet of our beings. We are persons first and foremost - who are all loved by God, regardless of our attractions, or the journeys we have taken thus far.

Author: Andrew

July 10 2013

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What’s a Spouse, Parent, Family Member, Friend or Pastor to Do?

Some Suggestions for Responding Wisely to Another's Worrisome or Troublesome Behavior

Author: Sutton, Dr. Philip M.

April 2019

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With God All Things Are Possible… Well.. Except THAT!

The man or woman who decreased their eroticized attraction, or those who stopped acting out sexually and/or using pornography, or the person who stopped unhealthy co-dependent behaviors … all of this reflects change. We’re all works in progress…and miracles in the making.

Author: David F Prosen, LMHC

June 24 2014

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