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Comments on “Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care”

Author: Harvey OSFS, Fr. John

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Increased Understanding of Homosexuality from the Psychological Sciences

Author: Lock Ph.D., Timothy G.

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Principles of Emotional Healing and Maturity

Author: Sutton, Dr. Philip M.

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Dealing with Same-Sex Attraction

The most challenging questions I’m asked when speaking about the Church’s teaching on homosexuality come from parents who desire to remain committed to the teachings of the Church, and yet have a child who has “come out” and identified as gay or lesbian. This is what I tell them.

Author: Mattson, Daniel

June 1 2013

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Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

Global Catholic Network

Author: website link

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EWTN Live Radio (6/2016) How Do I Seek My Father’s Validation?

The executive director of the Courage Apostolate, Fr. Paul Check, sits in for Fr. Mitch Pacwa to host “EWTN Open Line—Wednesday” to answer various questions about Catholic teaching and pastoral practice.

Author: EWTN Catholic Radio

June 15 2016


Family Research Council

The Family Research Council's vision is a culture in which all human life is valued, families flourish, and religious liberty thrives.

Author: website link

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Feeling and Healing Your Emotions

Feeling & Healing Your Emotions offers guidelines for emotional and spiritual wholeness. In simple question-and-answer format, you'll learn that all emotions are positive aspects of your nature, and that a fully developed emotional life can strengthen your spiritual life.

Author: Baars M.D., Conrad W.

February 1 2003

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Forgiveness is a Choice: A Step-by-Step Process for Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope

This groundbreaking work demonstrates how forgiveness, approached in the correct manner, benefits the forgiver far more than the forgiven. Filled with wisdom and warm encouragement, the book leads the reader on a path that will bring clarity and peace.

Author: Enright, Dr. Robert D.

January 1 2001

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Friendship and Holiness

Friendship is only possible in a sincere openness to give and receive a love which is true to Jesus in both its spiritual motivation and in its corporal expression. Friendship will require self-revelation, and thus trust and vulnerability. It proceeds from the deepest truth of the human person and aims for that same truth in the friend.

Author: Magee, Msgr. Peter

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From Pain to Peace

Robert and Susan Cavera speak about their experiences in EnCourage and the peace that comes from embracing the will of God. Download to hear entire talk.

Author: Cavera, Robert and Susan, and Mattson, Daniel

August 11 2015


G, L, B, T, Q, S… What’s your Identity?

The Church invites all of us to become the living reasons why someone might desire to see themselves first and foremost through the lens of Christ. God’s love will shine brighter through us as the “living reasons” if we strive to exemplify the fullness of virtue ourselves.

Author: Andrew

October 8 2014

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Gay Genes, Sexual Attractions, and the Call to Chastity

People often surmise that same-sex attraction is inborn, and that homosexuals are "naturally gay" or "born that way."

Author: Pacholczyk, Fr. Tad

July 15 2011

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Gender Identity Disorder in Children: Will Jack Be Happier if We All Pretend He’s Jill?

Important medical and psychological issues need to be considered before the educational, medical, political and judicial systems rush headlong into a process of affirming in youth and in their parents a fixed false belief that a person can be a sex that is not consistent with their biological and genetic identity and that such individuals have the right to transgender surgery.

Author: Fitzgibbons M.D., Rick

January 11 2015

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Gender Identity Issues in Children and Adolescents

The American College of Pediatricians acknowledges the difficulties faced by children and families confronted with GID, and promote developmentally appropriate, evidence-based practices to support these children into late adolescence or young adulthood when resolution or treatment can be ethically supported.

Author: Van Meter M.D., Quentin (Principal Author)

March 14 2011

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