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Made for Love: Same-sex Attraction and the Catholic Church

Author: Schmitz, Fr. Michael

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Created Male and Female: An Open Letter from Religious Leaders

Author: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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Why does my same-sex marriage have to do with you? Why the fuss over this?

Author: Fr. Mike Schmitz

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Invite, Elevate, Disarm (Pastoral Track — Audio Only)

Author: Andrew

July 31 2015

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Living the Truth in Love Pastoral Approaches to Same-Sex Attraction

People who want to be instruments of Christ's love to those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) seek guidance on how best to do so. They need to listen to the stories of those who experience SSA and the stories of those who have accompanied them on their journeys. They also need to ground their responses in a genuine Christian understanding of the human person and of human sexuality.

Author: Smith, Janet E. and Check, Fr. Paul

August 31 2015

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Made for Love: Same-sex Attraction and the Catholic Church

While this book is intended primarily for those who have same-sex attraction and their family and friends, its presentation of the compassionate truth of Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction will be of great benefit to everyone in today's society.

Author: Schmitz, Fr. Michael

December 21 2017

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Pauline Books and Media

Pauline is an apostolic ministry of the Daughters of St. Paul.

Author: website link

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Question: It seems unfair to say that gay people can’t get married. Is it a violation of their civil rights?

There is no violation of civil rights in upholding the definition of marriage as it has stood since the beginning of our culture. The push for the redefinition of marriage is about government-enforced morality. It is about enshrining in law the moral equivalence of same-sex relationships to heterosexual relationships.

Author: Schmitz, Fr. Mike

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Same-Sex Science: The Social Sciences Cannot Settle the Moral Status of Homosexuality

Today we approach same-sex attraction with views grounded in social and biological scientific perspectives that are only partially supported by empirical findings.

Author: Jones, Stanton L.

February 1 2012

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Speaking to High School Students on Homosexuality

Daniel Mattson, Fr. Steve Mattson and guest, Peter Herbeck, present on best practices regarding speaking to high school students and administrators on the issues surrounding homosexuality/same-sex attraction.

Author: Mattson, Daniel and Mattson, Fr. Steve

May 18 2016


The Good Samaritan: Jesus Explains the Incarnation

Fr. Check's homily delivered at the 2013 White Mass in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Author: Fr. Paul N. Check


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The Knights of Columbus

The official English language section of the Knights of Columbus website.

Author: website link

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The Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name — Catholic Teachings on Homosexuality

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia and other Church authorities speak with the Register about how to discuss this sensitive issue in contemporary America

Author: Judy Roberts

April 24 2015

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The Vatican Website

The Holy See: the official English language section of the Vatican website

Author: website link

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The Weblog of Fr. James Lloyd, CSP

Catholicism, Scholarship, & Fun!

Author: Fr. James Lloyd, CSP

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