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Speaking to High School Students on Homosexuality

Author: Daniel Mattson and Fr. Steve Mattson

Understanding the Sexual Revolution

Author: Dr. Jennifer Morse

How to Speak to the Media

Author: Dr. Jennifer Morse

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A Paper on the Psychology of Forgiveness

Author: Robert Enright

A Priest’s Experience in Pastoring Those with SSA

Author: Fr. Paul Check

An Authentic Response to a Devastating Crisis

Author: Arland K. Nichols

An Open Letter to Homosexuals

Author: Joseph Marlin

Angelic Warfare Confraternity

Author: http://www.angelicwarfareconfraternity.org

At the Heart of the Matter

Author: Dr. Deborah Savage

Blessed Are the Pure In Heart: A Pastoral Letter on the Dignity of the Human Person and the Dangers of Pornography

Author: Most Reverend Robert W. Finn, Bishop Diocese Kansas City ~ St. Joseph

Bought with a Price: Every Man’s Duty to Protect Himself and His Family From a Pornographic Culture

Author: Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington

Bruce Jenner and the Transgender Questions

Author: Fr. Mike Schmitz

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Catholic Psychological Association

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